Prenatal yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a complex method to prepare yourself (mentally and phisically) for the changes that occure to women’s body during a pregnancy and maternity.

1. The alignment of the spine, strengthen the lumbar sacral, thoracic and cervical segments.

2. Exercises for Pelvic floor muscles

3. Exercises for the feet  (direct effect and interaction with knee muscles, hips and pelvis). plus – correct distribution of weight increasing

4. Chest opening exercises (breathing, mood, disclosed shoulders – correct posture)

5. Core muscles exercises (are you surprised? it turns out that even during the pregnancy we need to work on it) – We work with the lower diaphragm and the muscles of the pelvic floor. Of course, no push-ups and abdominal tension

6. Exercises for strengthening the muscles of the back and arms

7. The development and practice of the inverted postures (very important block as it improves hormonal balance)

8. Pelvis disclosure 

9. Regenerating asanas

10. Learning relaxation in Shavasana

11. Visualisation and meditation

12. Pranayama

The lesson usually lasts about an hour.