Like many people, I came to yoga purely for physical reasons. But the transformation I have witnessed in myself is more than I expected. Great experience! The mood of her classes is both light and informative.
Daria’s warm and kind-hearted personality makes each session fun and allows her students to feel comfortable in their practice.
Daria’s classes are well thought out, clearly delivered, dynamic and interesting. If you are a beginner or have been practicing for years, I recommend Daria as an instructor who can accommodate your needs in the practice of yoga. . I am sure you will love her classes!

Juliana Balayan, Rome

I first tried the yoga with Dasha. I was so interested that never stopped since then: during this 6 months I didn’t even notice, how my body had changed; asanas that used to seem impossible, are now easy to perform – surrounded by the nice and enjoyable atmosphere and in a good company with other girls.

Anna Sinitsa, Rome

I’ve been practicing Ashtanga yoga with Dasha approximately for 3 months, I never thought so I will be so motivated. To say that I am happy – to say nothing. Daria – is very thoughtful and empathetic instructor and devotes her time to work on the asanas, to security the practice and upgrade the level of practice. My stamina has increased during the training (compared to the beginning), now I can see the muscles. It is very cool to do something that did not work out at all before! I like that the practice is becoming more and more conscious and I manage to “turn off my head”  more often . Dasha, thank you so much! )

Zinaida Zakharova, Rome